Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Who is Pat's office spouse?

This morning’s “In the Papers” was particularly entertaining; there were several segments I wanted to highlight, but I was putting on my face and not in front of the computer so I’ll just pick a couple from memory.

Pat highlighted an article (I forget which paper) about what to get this Valentine’s Day for your “office spouse.” The article noted that the office spouse is not someone you’re having an affair with but rather someone who acts as a confidant, etc (but again, no sex).

I do not have one—one spouse is enough, thank you—but it got me wondering whom Pat’s might be. An easy guess would be Jamie Shupak, given their flirty a.m. banter, but I suspect there’s more of a mentor/mentee relationship there. Another good guess would be one of the finance hotties, Annika Pergament or Diane King, since they both cover finance and Pat has a certain affinity for that beat given his days as a CNNfn reporter.

But when you really think about it—my money’s on Roger Clark.

Another article Pat highlighted, in the Village Voice, chronicled the common problem of single women in New York and the oft-heard lament that there are not enough marriageable men in New York. The author controversially concludes that the women are the problem, not the men.

I haven’t read the article but, as a gal who didn’t get married until age 35, I certainly sympathize with these women and would probably reject that conclusion. But who knows—it was only after I left London to go back to New York that I found love. (I thought for sure my sarcastic sense of humor would go over like gangbusters with the English gents, but it turns out they don’t like redheads. Information that would have been useful to know BEFORE I moved over there!)

With that-happy Wednesday.

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  1. Sorry to be late to the party on this post, but I stumbled across this blog and felt the need to weigh in here. I've always thought it had to be Annika Pergament. There's something subtle in the way they smile at each other... like they're both thinking the same thing.

    I don't know about Jamie Shupak. Sometimes he seems to get snippy with her. I remember one time when she tried to make some banter, and he actually said "Just do the traffic." There was another time when she made a joke, and Pat just left her hanging. Maybe she's just being hazed/teased but I can't see her as his office spouse.

    But you called it with Roger Clark - Pat loves to abuse him and make fun of him in a thinly-veiled way. I think it's out of love. He's definitely the work wife.