Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The cause of the world's problems is...Spiderman?

Once again I have totally failed to blog/tweet NY1 happenings in any kind of regular way. I had a horrendous work deadline, then promptly came down with strep throat when it was over. I’ve spent this past week catching up from that.

In any case, the news cycle rolls on. Congrats to NY1 for getting a hot scoop this week: They broke the story about Julie Taymor leaving the hugely troubled Spiderman production. I had to laugh at one of the dumb person on the street interviews accompanying Vivian Lee's story. One woman declared that the amount of money that has been spent on the critically panned show is disgraceful and could have been better spent on feeding the homeless and taking care of NYC, etc. I guess she didn’t realize Spiderman is a private, commercial enterprise and not a government-funded art project. I mean, that song-and-dance number about Arachne shopping for shoes sounded truly atrocious, but I’m not blaming the producers for the world’s social ills. They’ve messed up enough things on their own; no need to assign more blame.

What else has happened-oh yes, Chezza wrote a book! Seems Chezza-my inexplicable nickname for NY1 anchor Cheryl Wills-did some digging on her ancestry to find out more about her father, who passed away many years ago; turns out she’s the descendant of Civil War veteran Sandy Wills. The resulting book, “Die Free,” was just published. Congrats to Cheryl for this achievement.

And finally—this is old news by now, but I learned something fascinating during my hours of watching Ny1 the week that I was being a shut-in with strep throat. Pat Kiernan doesn’t drink coffee! Tea either, for that matter. How on earth does he handle the morning shift? I for one would be a basket case. I just developed a WHOLE NEW respect for PK. That is pretty intense.

OK-over and out for now.

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