Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Stabby Brooklyn

Happy Tuesday, everybody.

Now, a burning question: Why is Brooklyn so stabby all of a sudden? And what is up with Russian psychos brutally murdering their girlfriends?

This morning, NY1 reported on the second murder of a woman (and her mother) by a Russian boyfriend this year. This time the stabbing took place in Gravesend—I admit I have no idea where that is, but the people in the neighborhood seemed pretty shocked by the whole thing. This of course followed the insane crime spree about a couple of months ago, when that dude killed his girlfriend, her mom, and a couple of others who had nothing to do with the situation (I can’t remember the final body count, but it was crazy). In any case, I realize two reports do not a trend make, but I do sort of get the feeling just by watching NY1 that violence against women is on the rise. I hope this is statistically not the case, but these stories are incredibly disturbing.

And there’s also the Lucali insanity. I live in the vicinity of Carroll Gardens and have yet to try this place, despite its fabled reputation for amazing pizza. My husband, who is a former crime reporter, has always talked about how this place has reported mob ties (as has been reported in the Post and elsewhere). Now the Post is saying it was about a woman. Who the hell knows? The more important question is, when will it reopen? I gotta try this pizza! Hopefully I won’t get knifed in the process. Please, people of Brooklyn, stop stabbing each other already!

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