Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pat's Papers relaunch

I’m a bit late in blogging this, but time-starved Americans can now enjoy their own version of “In the Papers” -- the beloved NY1 feature in which Pat Kiernan highlights the major stories in the print NYC newspapers every day and which regular readers will know is the main reason I still subscribe to Time Warner Cable (‘cause you can’t get NY1 with other providers) – with the relaunch of “Pat’s Papers.”

Viewers around the country can now watch taped roundups of the national newspapers, which follow the exact same format as In The Papers and are taped during Pat’s downtime at the station. There’s a story about it in today’s New York Times, which also raises the aspect of how this allows Pat to build his brand.

I didn’t catch ITP today, as I left the house well before it came on and haven’t had a chance to catch the repeat online. So the best part of this morning’s broadcast, based on the 10 minutes I got to watch, was undoubtedly listening to Roma Torrey, one of NY1’s most conservative looking and professional sounding anchors, utter the phrase “80s glam metal” in her review of the new Broadway musical “Rock of Ages” (which looks god awful, by the way).

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