Friday, May 29, 2009

Bloomin' Idiot

NY1 has been running a story all morning about Bloomberg throwing a hissy fit when a reporter from the New York Observer asked him whether the improving economy negated Bloomberg's decision to impose term limits. It was a completely fair question, and Bloomberg responded by snapping, "Can we get some serious questions, please?" in his trademark bitchy little whine. Well, Bloomie, I guess these are the kinds of questions you can expect to face when you manipulate the democratic process to suit your will. He had an earlier outburst at another press conference when he yelled at a disabled reporter whose tape recorder went off, saying "This is a little more serious than playing music." He later apologized, but still, it was a very douchey moment. I actually think he has done a good job, but he needs to exit gracefully. You served your term, now let somebody else do it! If he REALLY has such a massive ego that he thinks he is the only person who can do the job, he should volunteer to serve in the next administration in an economic advisory role. But nooooo, he has to be in charge. I'm pretty fed up with him. But enough of this tirade.

I watched quite a bit of NY1 yesterday but never got around to posting. Two things cracked me up. One was a segment by the "Cooking at Home" guy, Dan Eaton. First of all, is that REALLY his name? Secondly, I have never been able to actually follow his recipes, because I start laughing every time he says, "Hiiiiiiiii, I'm Dan Eaton and I'm glad you're heeeeeeeeeeeeere" at the start of the segment and then basically can't stop.

The other hilarious thing was Roma Torrey's report on Tony voters. She did a couple of revealing interviews with two voters who told us exactly how they plan to vote on key categories. These people didn't want to be identified -- fair enough -- but the station went to RIDICULOUS lengths to conceal their identities, even going so far as to use that voice distortion technique they normally reserve for situations like whistle blowers and mafia informants. It was just so WEIRD.

That's all for now. Bon weekend, y'all.

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