Friday, May 8, 2009

Most annoying reporter?

Here's a question for all six New York Two readers - who is the most annoying NY1 reporter? For me, it's a toss-up between entertainment reporter George Whipple (he of the revolting eyebrows) or parenting reporter Shelley Goldberg. It might be the latter, since I pretty much have to mute the TV during all of her segments.

Who else am I forgetting about?

In other news, I physically cringed with embarrassment for Dean Meminger, who filed a totally pointless report from Mexico City about how Mexicans aren't shaking hands with people they meet for fear of spreading/contracting swine flu. One man he interviewed said, "We've actually been doing it with our feet," to which Meminger exclaimed, "REALLY?!?!" The man sighed impatiently and with a look of disgust said, "It's a joke." OH DEAN. That story is clearly winding down. Come back to NYC and start filing from the Bronx again, will you?


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  2. For a long time it was Shelly Goldberg, but that Mexico City Dean Meminger report put him ahead. I HATE his voice, and he just seems confused all the time.

  3. Is, was, forever will be Shelly. Serious, white-hot, blinding hate.

    For regular old annoying, it's Adam Balkin, the unfunny goober with the least informative tech reports ever.

  4. You know, it's funny - Heather says Dean always looks confused (and I agree), and Adam Balkin has always looked surprised to me. And you're right - he's always filing dumb stories about robots instead of doing useful things, like answering practical questions a la Walter Mossberg in the Journal.