Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Whoa. Just, whoa. Apparently Pat Kiernan is just as stunned as I am about the insanity in Albany. Tonight's Road to City Hall ought to be very interesting.

In this morning's In the Papers, Pat took the New York Times to task for devoting so little coverage to the Republican coup in the Senate, saying he was "stunned" that the paper ran only one article and didn't run any sidebars on the players behind the scenes or any analysis whatsoever. I have to say I agree. Come on, Gray Lady, get it together! (That said, I felt I had a better understanding of what happened after reading the NYT's coverage than the Post's.)

Elsewhere on NY1 this morning, Dalton Ross of Entertainment Weekly offered his opinion of the job Conan O'Brien is doing as host of the Tonight show. (An aside - I LOVE the Entertainment Weekly guys. I'm never for eliminating journalism jobs, but really, why does NY1 keep Neil Rosen on the payroll when they have the awesomely acerbic and fairly astute commentators of Chris Nashuwaty, Dalton Ross and Owen Gleiberman?) Anyway, DR says that after a shaky debut, Conan is finding his groove. He perfectly described Leno's humor as "a little too broad for my taste" (amen, bro) and said he has high hopes for Conan's potential.

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