Thursday, October 29, 2009

New York WHOA

First off, I did NOT mean to go nearly two months without blogging. The move/work trip/weddings and various other travels/etc really wiped me out, and I kind of stayed away from computers in general when not working for the last six weeks or so. I haven't even really watched that much NY1. But I'm getting back on the wagon as of today, and I think I might even try this next month.

So anyway, I HAD to come out of seclusion when I read the New York Post's report about Dominic Carter, who is scheduled to appear in court today after his wife accused him of punching, kicking and choking her in their suburban home. According to the Post, police records show that cops were called to the Carter home, in Rockland County, four times in the last year.

The article notes that Carter just published a memoir, "No Momma's Boy," in which he describes being physically and sexually abused by his schizophrenic mother, who tried to strangle him as an infant.

Post says NY1 isn't commenting, so I'm going to assume Pat is NOT bringing this up on "In the Papers" this morning.

Needless to say, I am pretty shocked. He's probably the best interviewer at the station and has always been a tough but fair journalist. It also goes without saying that I find domestic violence abhorrent. It will be interesting to hear both sides and see what the courts have to say. Stay tuned...

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