Friday, January 15, 2010

Buh bye, Dominic.

So yesterday, the New York Post, which has been faithfully chronicling the down fall of Dominic Carter, reported yesterday that NY1 made it officially official that Carter is out, having decided not to renew Carter's contract. (An aside - please note how awesome the station's spokeswoman's name is. Nikia Redhead! That sounds like a stripper or a Bond girl. Also, why isn't this my last name? She had better be an actual redhead.)

Today, they reported that he will go "from 'Inside City Hall' to 'Inside the Rockland County Jail' today and will serve one month in jail. He's really lucky it's not more - apparently her injuries were not serious enough to hold the original charge, so it was downgraded.

In yesterday's "In the Papers," Pat pointed to the story about Carter being nixed and said that he's saddened by it. I am, too. He had been one of the best journalists at the station, but he was clearly a troubled person who subjected his wife to years of misery and abuse. He cited his tough childhood in his court testimony, but that's no excuse. He also lost journalistic credibility when he tried to use his connections to sway the judge. It's really a remarkable fall from grace, and the station is much better off without him.

Also yesterday, Ruschelle Boone went to Queens to interview several Hatian Americans who are trying to track down family members after the horrible earthquake. It was pretty touching and sad, as is the whole wretched saga. I mean, even Roger Clark is being serious in his reporting about it.

Well, on that chipper note- happy Friday!

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