Friday, February 27, 2009

Ironically, given the timing of this blog, I haven't had much time to actually watch TV lately, so I can't really comment on recent NY1 broadcasts today. So I'm gonna write about the commercials instead (I've had a couple of comments on this already).

I spent two years in London and just moved back last summer. I would have thought, in the time I was gone, that they might have gotten some new commercials, but no. They’ve carried right on showing the same old ads, from the idiotic Sleepy’s bitches jumping up and down on mattresses to the “Taxi? Taxi? TAX-AYYYYY!” asshole that made me swear never to take whatever car service they’re advertising.

The most irritating of all, however, is another car service commercial. It starts with an outside shot of four women having brunch at a sidewalk cafĂ©; a caption reads, “New York women talk about Carmel,” or something like that.

Here’s the dialogue, which I can type from memory:

Cow #1: “He comes when I call.”
Cow #2: “He takes me shopping.”
Cow #3: “And you love to shop!”
Another cow: “He takes me to the theater.”
Different cow: “I love the theater.”
Different cow: “He takes me to the airport.”
Other cow: “Now that’s huge!”
Annoying cow: “Sometimes… he just takes me home at night.”
Most annoying cow: “Oooooooh, girl.”
Unidentified cow: “I always feel safe and comfortable when I’m with him.”

Obviously, they’re talking about a car service, and they are obviously trying to parallel Sex and the City and make it sound like they are talking about some dude. Which is excruciating. Can we please let that show die? It was mildly amusing for the first couple of seasons, but that’s IT. It went WAY downhill after that, and the movie was a giant steaming dog turd. It’s not that great, people. Let’s allllllll move on.

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