Thursday, February 26, 2009

Who's the hottest NY1 anchor?

You know who else is obsessed with NY1? Paul Rudd, that’s who. (As if I needed another reason to love him). In this interview with Time Out New York, he explains that he named all his fantasy football teams after various NY1 anchors, including the Pat Kiernans, the Annika Pergamets, etc… Genius.

Speaking of that foxy Canadian PK, we all know that ladies love him (despite the fact that he looks a little bit like Dave Foley, the diminutive, impish anchor on News Radio) and that he is the flyest male anchor at the station. But who is the hottest lady anchor?

My friend used to have a huge crush on Annika, before she lost some weight and got a haircut. Kristen Shaughnessy (aka “The Shaughn” from here on out) is an attractive lady, albeit a tad mom-ish and in need of some serious help with her makeup.

My guess is that the best looking gal is probably one of the correspondents and not one of the anchors. Vivian Whateverherlastname is (Lee? I’m blanking) is pretty, but she’s about the only one who springs to mind that I would single out as being of above-average attractiveness. (This, to me, is part of NY1’s charm, by the way.)

Anybody care to weigh in on this one? Post away!


  1. Ooh, gotta call ya out on the Dave Foley reference. His NewsRadio character was not an on-air personality, but the boss (program director?).

    Vivian Lee's (just think Gone with the Wind) eyebrows are a bit too severe for me; even though she's a BBW, I'm digging on Miss Ruschell Boone. The way she slid screaming down the tubing hill at the Winter Jam site caused my heart to go all a-flutter. Standard hotness props also go to Shazia Khan (who I thought was named Shazi Akhan for the longest time).

  2. My male friends are all about Staten Island reporter Amanda Farinacci. I think Shazia Khan is both cute and seems cool and I've always liked Susan Jhun - ran into her a lot when I was getting breakfast when I still worked in the market.

  3. So that's two shout-outs for Shazia (who I completely forgot about) and one for... Amanda Farinacci? That's so funny. I thought about her, but I didn't think she was all that. She looks like the girl next door. The girl next door on Staten Island, that is. But she is a blonde, which I guess counts for something in the eyes of guys...

    narcissa, good catch on the News Radio thing!

  4. Vivian Lee is an anchor now and she is hot! haha very good at what she do too

  5. Viv lee is certainly up there. I also like Steph Simon, she throws down with the art scene. I miss Sandra Endo though =(