Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Welcome to New York Two

Welcome to New York Two, a blog about all things New York One. I’d like to kick this off with a little Q&A:

Q: Why a blog on New York One?

A: People, I watch a LOT of New York One. I find myself constantly making comments out loud at the TV when I’m watching, so I figured it would be better to write them all down here instead of muttering alone in my apartment like a crazy person.

Q: Why call it New York Two? Couldn’t you think of a better name?

A: No, I could not. Suggestions are welcome.

Q: What do you plan to write about, exactly?

A: It will vary from day to day, but that’s the beauty of New York One –it offers so much rich terrain. Potential topics include: Why does Kristen Shaughnessy always look like she just lost a bar fight? Why does Adam Balkin look perpetually startled? Where did Roger Clarke come from, exactly? Where on earth do they find the people they use in their “man on the street” interviews? Why does the traffic lady always say “Alternate side parking rules, THEY are in effect” EVERY damned day instead of just saying “Alternate side parking rules are in effect” like a normal person? Why is Pat Kiernan so dreamy? Why has the network been running the same commercials for the last five years?

Stay tuned for more inane updates and ruminations on your favorite low-budget cable news channel. ‘Cause you definitely won’t get THAT on Fios.


  1. I await your comments with bated breath.

  2. I love NY1 passionately but if I have to hear that damn car service commercial ONE more time I will scream. Even hearing the intro music sends me running for the mute button, but I never make it before the line, "He comes when I call..."

  3. They totally find 90% of those "men on the street" right outside their office. C and I love to spot how many stories/interviews take place within a 1 block radius of Chelsea Market.
    Low budget awesomeness.