Monday, March 9, 2009

Biz report - new tagline?

First of all, sorry for the radio silence last week. I was going to post about how I would not be posting because of my upcoming vacation, but then my computer exploded roughly two hours before I had to leave for the airport. My computer is fine (it did not literally explode), and my vacation was nice, for whatever that's worth.

But back to what Homer Simpson calls "stupid reality." This morning I got my first dose of NY1 in several days (they do not, unfortunately, have NY1 in Mexico). As I watched the Fortune Business Report, it made me realize that despite the increasingly grim, depressing and hopeless news that the anchors are dishing out, they still sign off every report with the perky tagline, "Have a great day!"

It strikes me as a little tone-deaf in These Economic Times. Perhaps they should update it. Maybe, "This is Milanee Kapadia with the Fortune Business Report. Remember, you still have your health", or, "I'm Annika Pergamet with the Fortune Business Report. Please don't kill yourself; it's only money!"

Any other suggestions?

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  1. I have no suggestions, but I just wanted to let you know, I chuckled aloud at the last one. In other words, LOL.