Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Slap happy

Sorry for the radio silence. I've actually been watching NY1 for a couple of days now, and I have to say that for once, there hasn't been much to comment about. ITP has been pretty straightforward, Inside City Hall has been informative but a little sleepy (no NY1 Wiseguys), and even Roger Clark has been filing reports on serious stories and not getting run over by robots or mauled by adorable puppies at a local animal shelter.

So once again, I'm forced to write about the commercials. The one that's really been making my blood boil lately is for a device called the Slap Chop. It's basically a plastic, cylindrical thingy with blades; you put vegetables in it, put the cap on, and "slap" the cap to chop your vegetables. It sounds harmless enough, but the pitchman is the most irritating person on earth. He looks like some overgrown frat guy who took too many steroids and maybe laced them with a little crystal meth. He's wearing a wireless headset and practically shouting at you about the stupid Slap Chop while demonstrating it in the most irritating manner possible. Frankly, I'd like to slap(chop) him in the balls.

Okay, I'm hoping NY1 starts being kooky again, because I don't really want to write more about the commercials (though there are so many offenders... I haven't even mentioned Ridex yet).

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  1. There is also Pat's blog for when NY1 disappoints.
    This is a good one, showcasing some good old fashioned tech crankiness.