Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Black Friday countdown

Friday, November 27 is a day that will strike fear in the heart of every financial journalist who covers retail and consumers: Black Friday.

Mr. New York Two has to report to one store that is opening its doors at midnight; I personally think it's crazy, but I'm pretty sure there will be enough people already there to justify the coverage. Today, Tara Lynn Wagner had a fairly useful Money Matters report on how to negotiate Black Friday sales -- she covers what items are worth buying on Black Friday and which ones are worth waiting a week or two (in many cases, prices actually decline about a week or so after Black Friday sales), and she points out that many retailers carry their so-called "doorbuster" deals online.

All I'm sayin' is, if any fools trample my boyfriend to death, NY1 will have another murder to cover.

On a lighter note: remember when Pat hosted the "World Series of Pop Culture" on VH1? Of course you do. Well, now Pat has a daily trivia quiz on his Web site. This kind of trivia - lots of 80s and pop culture references - is what my brain is completely filled with, which is why I can't learn new things, so hopefully I'll be good at these questions.

And finally: NY1 got a mention on Letterman! Granted, he was making fun of them, but Pat and crew were very good natured about it, as you can see from the link to Pat's blog.

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