Wednesday, November 25, 2009

One on 1

I am pleased to report that Budd Mishkin is finally doing some "One on 1" interviews that people who are under 65 can enjoy.

His latest interview was with the funny and charming John Hodgman, and this Monday at 8:30, he'll be interviewing Jonathan Lethem. I hope I remember to watch it!

In other news, NY1 has been reporting for several days now on the Bronx fire that left former New York Knicks star Dean "The Dream" Meminger in critical condition. Investigators suspect the fire may have been started by a crack pipe, and several pipes that appeared to have been used recently were found in Meminger's room. Meminger has spoken publicly about his long battle with drug abuse, according to a New York Daily News report.

If that name sounds familiar... well, you probably know that Meminger's son is NY1 reporter Dean Meminger Jr, who told the Daily News he hasn't spoken with investigators about the cause of the fire and is just concerned about his father's safety. New York Two sends its/my/our thoughts to the Meminger family.

Speaking of families, hope everyone has a nice, relaxing, stress-free day full of food and good company. New York Two out!

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