Friday, November 12, 2010


It's Friday! I'm as happy about that as Jamie Shupak usually is.

Lots of amusing items on In the Papers this morning:

* Mayor Bloomberg's favorite diner gets a C grade in health inspections. I gotta be honest here-my favorite takeout places (Ghang, Hanco's, Zaytoons, etc) would basically have to fail before I stopped going to them.

* Pat's half-hearted Sarah Palin impersonation and the thinly disguised disdain with which he described her "reality" program

* The revelation that New Yorkers spend $165 million a year at suburban Wal Marts. I'd personally rather be beaten up than go to Wal Mart. (Just look at some time. Because it really is like that.) When I'm in the suburbs I make a beeline for Target. The ones here in the city don't count.

OK, off to work. Happy Friday y'all.


  1. My favorite part from this morning outside of ITP was the bit about Cathie Black and the Cosmo sex position of the day app that Pat said he "had to purchase for work related purposes."

    Glad you're back!