Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hello again and Pat's makeup tips

Once upon a time I updated this blog semi-regularly. It stopped around the beginning of 2010. There is a very logical reason for that. I started a new job in January, got engaged in February, got married in July and then moved to a new apartment in September—just in time for the busiest two months of the year at my new gig. Whew!

It was a whirlwind—an exhilarating, totally exhausting whirlwind—but things are more or less back to normal now. Which means I am hoping to get back to posting meaningless stuff and nonsense about my favorite network again. I have been updating on twitter as @newyorktwo, if you want to follow me there also.

What inspired me to post again today is a link on Pat’s Papers, via Gothamist—as you know from watching In the Papers yesterday, Pat does his own hair and makeup. Gothamist had the brilliant idea to call him up and ask for his hair and makeup tips, which he was generous enough to supply.

Anyone who knows me knows I am from Texas. And we Texas women do love our makeup. Despite having lived in the northeast for half my life, I have a makeup case the size of a small SUV. And believe you me, I know how to make a hairdo that’s good and big and won’t move for hours. So naturally I loved this article. And I have some tips to add to Pat’s tips:

Number two made me laugh (the easiest way to remove eye makeup is to not wear it in the first place). That is true. An addendum I might gently add for the lady anchors of NY1 is that the smoky eye is definitely not a daytime look. Sticking to neutral shadows only before 6 PM is your best bet.

And I definitely laughed out loud that he insists on saying “It’s for TV” when he goes makeup shopping at Bloomingdale’s. Pat, just go to the MAC store. Not only are they delighted to put makeup on men (Ru Paul was their longtime spokesman/woman/person), they are generally acknowledged as being one of the best for stage/theater makeup. But if you need to assert your masculinity, go right ahead. (“IT’S A EUROPEAN CARRY-ALL!”)

And the tip about hairspray is absolutely true. My favorite is L’oreal’s Elnet. It’s expensive for a drugstore brand and it smells like your grandma’s perfume, but your hair will be bulletproof.

That’s all for now…

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