Friday, November 19, 2010

Oh, Curtis.

I don't really have much of an opinion on the Cathie Black controversy--probably because I don't have kids in the New York City school system. But I had to roll my eyes at Curtis Sliwa's guest editorial today. I know he's kind of paid to be a clown but it was over the top even by his usual standards. Basically, I find the NY1 Wiseguys pretty annoying. I want to like them but they aren't funny enough. And the Wiseguys persona seems wrong for an editorial.

In other news, tonight is the New York Financial Writers Association's annual Financial Follies, aka Financial Prom, as someone called it. Basically, PR people buy tables and invite journalists, and everyone gets hammered while eating tough steak and watching song-and-dance numbers that send up what happened in the markets in the last year. Everyone knows reporters love booze AND follies, but I can't drag myself this year. Too soon after another schmoozy, formal thing I had to do for work. Too bad-I was hoping for some celebrity spotting, like Annika or Diane. I spotted Pat one year but was too shy to talk to him. Probably because I wouldn't know what to say. "Dude--you're on TV!" Anyway, if you are going, have fun and tell any NY1 people you see that NY2 said hello.

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