Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bloomberg gets pissy with journos again

Oh, Bloomberg.

So I follow many NY1 reporters on Twitter, including the excellent Josh Robin. He tweeted this today:

"Glad DN picked up @mikebloomberg slapdown of my question on s'way cellfones yesterday. Hizzoner disputed presence of panhandlers."

I'm guessing this means he was the reporter referred to in this New York Daily News story about how Bloomie responded to a question about panhandling on subways. He rather unbelievably claimed that there are not many panhandlers on subways anymore. Even worse, Azi Paybarah, who covers politics for the New York Observer, tweeted the following: "Bloomie told a journo "Asked about panhandling comment, @mikebloomberg tells journo "I've been riding sunways longer than you've been [alive]."

Now, this is not a comment on Bloomberg's mayorial skills (I made that word up). It's about how he appears to treat reporters, which is in an extremely condescending fashion, as far as I can tell. He's done this sort of thing before. This from a guy who founded a media company. Come on, Bloomie!

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