Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pat + Trivia =fun

So tonight I'll be attending this event. Maybe I'll even meet Pat! I doubt it, though. While I am obviously a big fan, I'll probably be too shy to approach him. A few years ago, he stood just a few feet away from me at the annual Financial Follies event, and I didn't approach him then, either. But in any case, I'm looking forward to a fun event that will be raising money for a worthy cause (VH1's Save the Music foundation).

I have been too busy to post this week, but I have been enjoying In the Papers this week. I got a big kick out of two things yesterday, neither of which were Weiner-related. One was Pat's amusement at one Tony award-winning actress's acceptance speech; I'm paraphrasing his paraphrasing, but it had something to do with how nobody told bees they couldn't fly...it sounded like incoherent gobbledeygook, which Pat captured well. The other was how he picked on the Times for running such a tiny photo of Gabrielle Giffords. He notes that the Post ran with a nice, large front-page photo, whereas the Times ran a teeny thumbnail. I guess you had to have seen it to understand why it was funny, but the mockery was pretty entertaining.

I realize my last several posts have been about In the Papers. That's because I've rarely been home long enough in the last few weeks to watch NY1 in the evenings. I hope this changes soon!

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