Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Trivia Fun at the Bell House

So last night I attended the VH1 Trivia Night with Pat at the Bell House, hosted by none other than Pat Kiernan. It was a blast. The Bell House is a great place to have a party (which is why I got married there last summer!), and the event raised money for VH1’s Save the Music Foundation, a cause I also have a personal attachment to as a musician myself (I, like NY1’s own Roger Clark, play the drums). To that end, the evening kicked off with an excellent performance by a group of cute and talented kids.

And the event also confirmed something I already knew: Pat has a deeply rabid fan base! Lots of people lined up to get their pictures taken with the congenial Canadian—myself included. I did not introduce myself as New York Two, because it was already getting pretty late at that point and I’m pretty sure he wanted to get out of there so he could get some sleep before doing the news that morning.

While my team, the High Falutin’ Hussies, did not win (other names we considered: Phat Kiernan and New York Won), we still had fun. However, I learned a couple of disturbing facts: First, the team that did end up winning actually won the World Series of Pop Culture TV show in 2007. Pat graciously included the runner-up team in the grand prize because of this; he’s taking everyone out for beers and poutine. I’m so jealous!

The other disturbing thing I learned? Pat has Daughtry in his iPod. Why, Pat, why?

Anyway, if they do it again, you should go. It was a blast and in support of a great cause.

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