Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Dan Eaton Band

I have been sitting on this scoop for some time.

Actually, credit for this scoop goes to NY1 reader Heather, who unearthed this little nugget: NY1's Dan Eaton, he of "Cooking at Home" fame, has a band! And guess what - they're abysmal!

They appear to be based in Rochester, NY. You can catch them at such upcoming appearances as the South Wedge Farmers Market show on 8/6 and the The Keg (German House) on 8/13. Their music features such lyrics as, "we are walking in a postcard, 360 degrees around, we're walking in a postcard, full of light and smells and sounds" or my personal favorite, "Death is colorblind."

According to his Myspace page, "Eaton’s songs have a rooted quality, sounding like classics the minute you hear them. People throw around REM and Tom Petty comparisons, but Eaton’s music is his own."

I cannot IMAGINE, based on listening to the Myspace page, who on earth would compare these guys to REM or Tom Petty. At the very, very best, they sound like your average suburban white-man-blues bar band. I don't think these guys would have been good enough to even win the NY1 Music Video Star contest. Stick to cooking, Dan!

Though as Heather pointed out, "I wonder if he opens his shows by saying 'I'm Dan Eaton and I'm glad you're heeeeeeeeeeeere."


  1. his recipes are HORRIBLE

    bad kitchen setup

    bad video quality

    bad camera work

    that goddamned annoying voice!

  2. He monumentally SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!