Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More about the Naked Cowboy

In yesterday's In the Papers, Pat mentioned an article in the New York Post about the Naked Cowboy, who is running for mayor. (Can you tell this is my favorite NYC story happening right now?).

The Post piece is pretty good -- and revealing (yuk yuk yuk). We learn that the NC is a devotee of Nietsche and Tony Robbins (I'm guessing he also reads Ayn Rand), regularly runs 10 miles a day to maintain his physique, and claims to make a ton of money from various pursuits including busking and licensing deals and even a brand of protein supplements. But what he spends this money on is unclear (underwear, maybe?), given that he lives with his girlfriend, claims to be able to fit his belongings into four boxes and obviously doesn't spend much on regular clothes.

Another fascinating political story happening right now is about Bill de Blasio, who is running for Public Advocate as a democrat. Due to a clerical error (apparently de Blasio's lawyer didn't fill out his TPS report correctly), he has been dropped from the ballot. Why, exactly? Because of a typo. His cover sheet said he had 131 volumes of petitions (to get on the ballot); instead he had 132. He's fighting the decision; we'll see what happens.

Also mentioned in ITP yesterday was a story about the Bloomberg lawsuit -- two former female employees are suing Bloomberg LLP (the company, not the mayor, though he founded it, obvs) for sex discrimination. It has to do with maternity leave (I can't remember the details and can't be fussed to look them up, but it was something along those lines).

I have heard through my financial journalism homies that Bloomberg can be a tough place to work, but I had not previously heard about sex discrimination. Anybody who used to work there and might be reading this have any thoughts? I'm very curious - it'll be interesting to see how this story develops.

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