Friday, July 31, 2009

Reverend Ike

This morning's news broadcast had a report on the death of someone called Reverend Ike, who was the so-called "preacher of prosperity." I'm not really sure what that means; my guess is that he had some kind of "god wants you to be rich" message. He was one of the first people to become really famous as a TV preacher, so much so that Richard Pryor parodied him in the movie "Car Wash."

I wasn't too familiar with this dude before this morning's obituary aired on NY1, but as I was half-listening and brushing my teeth, an excerpt from a prior interview with Reverend Ike startled me. He was talking about his aggressive, confrontational preaching style, and he said, "I was the guy who came in your face." He may have said something after that to put it into context, but frankly I wasn't paying attention. I know, I'm 14 years old. But between that and the constant references to Puppetry of the Penis, NY1 has gone a little blue this week.

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