Tuesday, July 21, 2009

In the Papers

Today's In The Papers was amusing for two reasons. First, I loved hearing Pat talk about the Dirty Projectors, which he mentioned when discussing a photo of the band that appeared in the New York Times. He just thought the photo was cool; I'm not sure he knows who the Dirty Projectors are, but it wouldn't surprise me. He's pretty pop culture savvy, though I'm guessing maybe not an indie rock guy.

The second amusing thing was Pat's reference to another New York Times story, which discussed a new study by scientists that claims that when used properly, the withdrawal method is almost as effective at preventing pregnancy as condoms. Pat seemed just as dumbfounded by this information as I was, so his delivery was pretty funny, as was his explanation of the withdrawal method, which he described as when a man exits "before the big finish." He does have a flair for describing awkard things in a way that's suitable for television...

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