Monday, August 31, 2009

Banff Squirrel is back!

If you are reading this, chances are you follow Pat Kiernan's Twitter feed, too. But in case you don't, check out this hilarious image, sent in by a fan, of the Banff squirrel "crashing" the Pat's Papers blog.

For the five of you who haven't seen it - the Banff Squirrel is the mischevous little scamp who leapt into the frame of a timed photo being taken by a couple on vacation at Banff National Park. It's my favorite viral image this year, and Pat has gotten a big kick out of it too, which I suspect is what lead to this tribute.

In other news, will somebody give poor Cheryl Wills a day off? I feel like every time I've turned on the TV in the last two weeks or so, she's been sitting in the anchor chair. I think she might officially be the hardest working anchor at NY1 - well, maybe next to Pat, who seems to be doing something Pat-related 24/7, between the Tweeting and the blogging and the news anchoring. Anyway, take a day off and put your feet up, Chezza.*

* This is what British people call people named "Cheryl." I'm not sure why.

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