Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kafi giveth, and Kafi taketh away

So I may have complimented Kafi Drexel too soon, because the report she filed today actually infuriated me.

It was about the risks associated with the Gardasil vaccine, which, if administered in time, prevents the cancer-causing strains of the extremly common and potentially deadly Human Papilloma Virus.

In the report, she outlined the risks, which is fair enough - patients should know the risks. But she didn't counter this by providing data on how deadly cervical cancer is and how effective Gardasil is in preventing it. Also, she quoted some dingbat who said she would recommend it for women "in their early 20s."

This WRONG. Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong! Why? Because the vaccine should be given BEFORE a woman becomes sexually active, and most women are sexually active by the time they hit their early 20s. HPV is EXTREMELY common, which is why it's so important to get the vaccine BEFORE becoming sexually active.

This kind of misinformation is potentially deadly. I really hope she sets the record straight very soon.

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