Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kafi Drexel finally posts a useful report

Today, NY1's health and fitness reporter Kafi Drexel did something she rarely does, which is to say she filed a story that is actually useful.

Now, to be fair to Kafi, she files a story like every single DAY, which is very hard to do in broadcast when you're doing features, and she probably comes up with a lot of her stories herself, which is also impressive. As someone who generally needs to have stories assigned to me, I respect both her work ethic and her ability to drum up ideas all the time.

BUT. When you file that much, a lot of what you produce is fillah, not killah. And I feel like a lot of the time, she just shows up at really swanky gyms and exercise studios and does stories on whatever new dim-bulb exercise class the spoiled yuppies/biddies uptown are doing.

Today, however, she filed a genuinely useful story on how to pick out sunscreen, the difference between UVB and UVA rays, and how to apply it.

Granted, this information would have been more helpful at the BEGINNING of the summer, but the blame for that lies less with her than the government, which is announcing new labeling requirements for sunscreens that will come out this fall. I guess that was the news hook for this story. Again, that updated labeling information would have been more useful in, say, May than in October, but whatevs.

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