Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What up, dawg

I'm baaaaack!

It took exactly 30 minutes and one hair-raising cab ride back home to completely erase the relaxed vibe I cultivated on vacation and to re-enter my usual teeth-grinding levels of anxiety. Seriously, after 10 years you'd think I'd be used to insane NYC taxi drivers, but this dude brought a whole new level of crazy.

Anyway, one story that NY1 started reporting on right before I left has reached a new development. The Brooklyn teen who threw a dog off a roof in Red Hook has been indicted. The dog, Oreo, lived but has suffered serious injuries and faces a long recovery time.

Now, the story itself is not funny, but the original report, which I'd meant to post before I left, is a shining example of one of the things I love most about NY1: their amazing vox pops, aka "man on the street" interviews. Watch until the halfway point for an interview with the suspect's brother. You can't script that kind of television.

Today's broadcast has been kind of boring. Kristin is filling in for Pat this week, who is apparently vacationing in Canada (though still Tweeting like a madman). The only news of real interest has been the ongoing story about the helicopter and plane that collided over the Hudson this weekend, killing everyone involved, including several Italian tourists.

Roger Clark is reporting the story this morning from Hoboken, giving pretty straightforward accounts about the difficulties the divers are facing in trying to remove the plane from the Hudson. As NY1 reader Heather noted, it would be great if planes could stop crashing into the Hudson. Kthxbye.

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